Nail Care and Nail Art

Here at Calmante we do our very best to achieve a high quality and standard of nail extension.

The way we achieve fantastic looking nails is by extenting the nail using a foil sculpting form. We find that this is the most effective way to extend the nail, as there are no tips, glue or excessive filling involved, wghich could cause damage to the antural nail. We place the foil under the free edge of the nail and by building gel up on the foil this forms the tip, the nail extension. We set the gel under the uv nail lamps, once set we are left with the individually sculpted nail. The extension feels natural with no pinching or pressure. As there is no glue which may have air bubbles, thery are less likely to Ping off.

The final look is now the choice of the client. We have a huge aray of colours and glitters. So be adring and go for a bright design or neutral with ppink and whites.
After your choiuce has been set we then file the shape to your dersired length to suit your lifestyle.

We recommend infills every three weeks to keep your nails looking beautiful and well maintained. This involves the filling down of your nails and reapplying a fresh lot of gel and reshaping.