Redruth Skin Care Prices

Skin Care

Prices shown for Beauty Therapist - Senior Therapist - Head Therapist

Luxury Skin Care

£34 – £37 – £40

This is the ultimate in skin care treatments. Cleansing will begin to remove make up and impurities from the skin, exfoliant with steam helps to remove dead skin cells. A face, neck and shoulder massage will help improve circulation and a masque will help to hydrate and improve skin tone and texture. Toner, eye product and moisturiser will complete the treatment leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. A hand massage will be performed while steam is applied and a foot or scalp massage will be performed while the masque is on.

1 Hour


£20 – £23 – £26

Fantastic treatment for busy individuals. The express skin care consists of a double cleanse, exfoliant, steam and masque. A hand massage will be performed while the masque is on.

30 Minutes

Face Mapping


Our complimentary face mapping will allow our therapist to have an in depth look at your skin with the help of a consultation the most suitable skin care routine can be advised.

15 Minutes

Luxury Back Treatment

£34 – £37 – £40

Our relaxing back skin care treatment is fantastic for dry and oily/blemished skins. Our treatment begins with a double cleanse, exfoliant and steam. A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage will ease tension. A masque will be applied and a moisturiser will complete the treatment.

1 Hour



Our feet relate to different parts of our body. Using gentle pressure over the feet we can help remove blockages and imbalances from within the body. This then helps to restore the flow of the bodies natural healing energies allowing the body to return to his natural state. Reflexology can help with many elements.

45 Minutes



Reiki is a natural healing treatment that helps to unblock energy zones within the body. Reiki channels energy from the practitioner to the receiver. You remain fully clothed and the practitioners hands are gently placed over the energy zones.

1 Hour